Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Flowing Water and the Shell - Love will find you.

            Summer time! It was a really nice day; I went out to the beach to see some pretty view. Warm out here, and the location of the beach which is quite near to my seaside house made it even more familiar with me. Aaw this is so pretty, that’s what in my mind. I laid down on the golden shiny sand and just closed my eyes when a girl came and introduced herself to me, “how’re you doin? Let’s play and walk around, dear. By the way.. my name is Peggy !” . Raising up my body and shaking her hand, I said, “sure! My name is Ellysa”. We played volleyball and hanging around, and while we chatted, “haha, so what are you doing around here, Peggy?”, “Just looking for a refreshing air and stuffs like looking for hot guys too! Hahha”, and I thought amazing.. she is so confident and she’s just honest! . We went around the beach and just chatted about many more.

            “Hey, Elyssa! Aren’t you thirsty? Do you want to grab some drinks for us?”,  she was a very nice girl and I can’t imagine how sweet she was by that time. “Sure! Thank you so much Peg!!”. So I was just looking around seating below the sun that has been comforting me for hours.. until I saw.. wait! “Hei girl! Are you by yourself??”, a nice looking guy asked me a question and I felt so shock and happy mixed together, “Well, technically… now.. ehm. Now yes I am”. It was me and Stephen, we talked for a while, “So how long have you lived by the seaside?”, I looked at the singing wave on the beach while answering all his curiosity upon me. “So.. tell me who’s this, Ellysa!”, the voice from the back it must be….. Peggy! Uh I forgot about her! . “Hi, who’s this cute little girl, Ellysa?” and another curious question from Stephen. “Ah! She’s my friend, Peggy.. This is my new friend ‘too’ , Stephen” .

Sun was about to set and three of us still chatted together until once I found out.. “Can you teach me how to be friend with water?”, Stephen had a phobia with water! And so I brought a shell, a big shell, and put it right front of flowing water, and said “You put it on flowing water, they won’t kill.. they’ll clean and refresh you.. Just like the sea and the ocean, as long as you do not pass the limit, you will be safe and happy too”. So I pulled his hand and pull him to the end of the water. At first he was nervous, and as I brought him further.. still he closed his eyes and one splash of water from the shell made him felt more… familiar. “This is amazing! Now I can play with them!”, he was so excited.. while I also realized that he was still holding my hand, and it’s so … indescribable, like warmth and a certain feeling came from my chest.

Peggy was there at the back seeing us playing together; her eyes seemed not to be happy at all. She looked mad at me. I decided to let off his hand and ran, “Peg, let me just went to the stall to grab some drinks!”. What happened to me? People that I’ve known today have became my lover.. and my .. rival? How can this possibly happen? I just don’t understand.. I feel so warm while holding his hand. “Aaaa please help me!!”, a little girl was crying and I tried to looked up where she was. “Help me!! AAAA!!!”, and.. okay! It sounds like she … oh no! She was hit by a car and she bleed! “Let me help you!”, I approached her and carried her on my back while looking for a flowing water to clean the wound. “Thanks, big sister.. Thank you for helping me”. “No worry, little sister. Can we be friends?”, I asked her. Brought her to the spot where I saw… Stephen and Peggy were holding hands and neglected me over here.

Dinner time, we spent time together once more, four of us. Enjoying lunch, Stephen told me that he wanted me to be his girlfriend, I was so excited. But not until… “And so does Peggy, she’s my girlfriend too. I want you both to be my girlfriend.. Official one. Do you agree, Ellysa?” he said that. It was like a magic, his words always melted me off, and so.. “yes. Yes, sure!”. Though I wasn’t sure about that, the fact that I became his ‘another’ girlfriend. But his words are like a command on my heart and he saying I love you , it was like the key to my soul. So I flew and dreamed.. dreamed about him , never realized what will happen into our relationships.

“Let’s go to Mystic Fair tomorrow, my girlfriends.! I’d like to have a date for us.”, Stephen sent ‘us’ a text. I still can’t believe why am I still happy to get this message from him, the moment when I splashed water on him still strongly affected my heart beat. I.. decided to wear this cute outfit!

            It’s the day! Hmm I think I look nice! Let’s go and I went out to catch a bus to the fair which is like 2 hours away from my place. As soon as I arrived I look around and tried to look for him, we haven’t meet for 2months! It’s a long time isn’t it? There he is! And.. Peggy was there with an extremely gorgeous and sexy look. “Hi, Ellysa! You look cute today!”, Stephen greeted me and smile was the only thing I could give, fake smile. Hurting my heart, He kept on holding Peggy’s hand while letting me walked behind him as if I was their servant. They matched together, how they dressed up elegantly and  how they walked. And ah! I just remember that they are both city kids that live luxurious way, while here? Me? Haha. Seaside girl who does not dress up much. But that’s fine. When we were there, I talked, should I give a note ‘a little’ to Stephen, and sadly talked nothing to Peggy, at all. It was dampening, this date looked as if we were competing, and I hated it. One time we were seeing a performance from the railing, and I said, “come here! See it’s an amazing performance”, and I smiled while looking through the mirror railing to the stage which was located on the level below our spot now. So Stephen let his hand off of Peggy and said, “yes! It’s nice”, accidentally (or should I say this is accidentally?? Hey! We’re boyfriend and girlfriend!) he stood up just right on my left. Felt unhappy, Peggy came in between us and realizing that I felt bad, thus I backed off and went to other side where I stood next to a group of guys. They were looking at me, perhaps “how silly I looked like?”, but anyway. I did not care about it. However…. I realized there was a guy who has been looking at me, and gave me a pitiful image. And when I tried to walk forward, NO! I lost them! My boyfriend and his other girlfriend!! Ah! This is not fun at all! So I walked down the aisles with emphasis ‘by myself’ on ‘my first date’ and looked around. Suddenly, that guy that gave me a pitiful look approached me and tried to entertain me. “Stop it! Who are you?”, I smiled for a while and talked to him while walking around the fair. “Hi, I’m Joseph, coming here specially to sweep of your sorrow, madame”, he bowed to me and I just smiled, widely. He was a fun guy, and so I enjoyed the time talking to him.

 But not until I saw…  my boyfriend who kissed his other girlfriend, there in the dark corner, witnessed by me, the other girlfriend of him. I could not stand that, so my heart pumped, suddenly all part of my body felt disfunction, and I ran. I ran so hard and I did not want to see that nasty view of them, and I do not love them, I started to realize how could I accept that folly game of him. How can I trust him when I don’t know that my own self worth nothing compared to Peggy? I kept on running and tried to went off that fair, and it was still 2hours away from home. How? How can I hide this disappointed expression, how can I get rid of these tears?

I tried to calm down, and finally I reached the door out. He was there. Who do you expect?? It was Joseph, “What’s wrong with you? It is not fair, madame.. You ran away from me who was trying to make you feel happy”. That words,… touched my feeling. I cried again and could not hold those tears even for a second. He asked me, “what’s wrong? Tell me”. He pulled me out and on the way out there was a promotional photo, he pulled my head up and *click* That must be the worst picture of mine, and guess what? He purchased it! Anyway, I was still on my bad mood and he stilled pulled me, “where are we going”, I asked him. Not an answer, but he carried me on his back and I kept on hitting him, “Don’t kidnap me!!! HELP!!! HELPP!!”. He did not care at all, but people came over him and punched him, let me got off of his back. I ran and tried to catch bus to get back home, and luckily I did. Ah, that was my first date, and worst date I guess, amongst all dates people has had. And, end of story.

*Ting tong* wait! It’s not the end of the story yet? I thought it was! It was late at night and someone went over to my house? Ah it must be that dirty boyfriend of mine whose relationship status was denied by me by that time. I opened the door. “Hei!”, a guy with a wicked smile carved on his face. I closed the door so bad, So? It’s not my irresponsible boyfriend? “Open the door Ellysa!!”, It was Joseph knocking in front of the door. “Please, I was not trying to kidnap you at all! Please.. I’ve been driving for hours to get here!”, I shocked. And how can he know my home? So I accepted the risk and opened the door. He was there smiling, and hugged me while saying, “Thanks for the trust”.

We walked down to the beach, the place I won’t ever consider good anymore. “How can you know my home? And my name?”, I asked him. “Little angle brought to you, and to me too. I just realized during the fair, that it was you, that is precious to me”. Blushed, my only response, “little angel? Who’s that? I never meet an angel before.. first of all. I never see you before too”. He laughed and replied me while grabbing my shoulder, “who said you’ve seen me? ‘first of all’ *he tried to emphasize those words. Do you remember your little sister??She’s mine too!” .

“So you dated her??”, innocently saying. Again he laughed, this time even more, “She is my angel, my little sister. Thanks, by the way for helping her while I was not there. And as a reciprocation, I helped you today, didn’t I?”. I pushed him in silence and said, “Thank you so much for today, you made my day”. He interrupted, “How about for the punches you made on me?”. I felt so guilty and just pretended to be innocent, “well, whose fault was that for taking me with you without my permission??, well anyway thank you so much, Joseph.. for everything”. The end of story, again.. Joseph walked away from the beach and I saw his back, felt like wings were there, he is the angel! I ran, and tried to grab the wings, but he turned back and fell down for being shocked.

“You need me, don’t you?”, he smiled and offered his hand to lift me up. I smiled and , “yes, I do.. Please bring me to the flowing water.. because you’re my shell” . No one witnessed it, only the shells and the flowing water. And the rest.. I won’t tell you! It’s private. But end of story… He’s really my angel and no one can steal his wings, cause he only belongs to me.

Originally made by: Catherine and her dream


  1. I enjoyed your story, very imaginative. The setting reminds of "Dear John".

  2. hahha. ya it's the same
    but in my dream it was a really weird beach with some weird games in it

  3. Lovely writing.

  4. I like this though, especially the ending. Touched.