Friday, July 16, 2010

Love is in the square!

Love is in the square! -- taken literally from'love is in the air'
This will be another story based on my dream tonight, hope you enjoy it:

"Okay mom, I will go back soon and I will take care of myself! I love you", so that day I left my house for a week vacation to New York city. I really love New York, and I enjoy times square so much because they are just so lively. Departing from the plane, I was so excited to spend a week in my favorite city in the whole country, and ... hmm I will just go to shop after I arrived there!!

It's new york, baby! I feel great, and bringing all my luggages I walked down through the 5th Avenue and saw lots of nice stores. Prada, Tiffany, and a lot more to shop!! And the result? yea about 10 bags on my hand already, wait a sec! I looked at my watch, and NO!! it's 7p.m already ? So I passed my check in time in the hotel! I tried to go head back  to my hotel and asked if I could still get a room, "sorry mam, I did book a room last week, and now I miss the check in time? Do you still have any room I can check in to??". She checked her computer and.. ,"sorry, we're full for tonight, miss." . OH NO! Where should I stay, the clock hit 11 already and I have no place to stay?? God bless me!

I decided to walk out the hotel and look for another hotel or place I can stay for the rest of the vacation, I dragged my luggages and carried my heavy packages of shopping bags, hoping that I can meet someone I know. Isn't it quite dangerous walking down here with only street lights above you, not much people walking on this road.. Oh no! I need to walk faster! I saw some dangerous looking people kept looking at me, it was so scary that he has scars on his face and now.... HE'S FOLLOWING ME!? I ran and ran, until I saw a kind of small hotel next to my right and I entered it. While he opened the door, I squeezed and hid right behind the receptionist desks where a group of people were checking in. "Please, please! Allow me to come with you guys!", I begged without even see who they were. And luckily they gave me a permission!

Not long until I saw the scary guy walked out, I raised my head.. and I am lucky! I just noticed that that group  was my high school friends. I felt so happy to face that, I saw Charissa, and some other friends I really feel comfortable to be with. So we shared some stories, and there was a man I feel very pleasured to talk with. We were high school friend, but yet we're not a close one. After a while everyone went to sleep, left me and Vince who still strongly alive here. So we chatted the whole night, "Where are you going tomorrow?", he asked me and so I answered "maybe, times square". I know it's not romantic at all, but he asked me out, "sst, you should not say it to others, but do you want to go out to an amusement park?". I felt so.. cool. And so I said," really? but I don't really know you well". He looked disappointed and just went to his bed and sleep. I felt so guilty, but really I've just known him and I don't dare to go out with him.

I decided to go to bed as well, when I also still think around this guilt and feeling that I experienced that night. I think when I talk to him, hmm.. it's like really I felt so happy. I don't know what's this feeling but, anyway! let's go to bed.

It's morning and I decided to go by myself to times square, but go to another hotel before I miss that check in time again. So "Thanks guys, I appreciated the night with you all. Hope you have a great vacation here!". It hurts for me, I actually really want to spend more time with them, especially talking with him. But, I felt so bad to put more burden on them.

Got it! I got the hotel already, just about few blocks behind times square, my favorite place!
I spent my day today on the times square, took several picture, and had a lunch at an Italian restaurant around that area, and felt so.. lonely until. "Oh this girl! You really spend your day alone?", Vince came and sat on the table next to me. I was so shocked that I spit my tea that I just drank. "Hahahahha", he laughed, "You must be really shocked. I just want to play around, because their schedules are really boring!". I cleaned up my clothes and mouth, while smile and we enjoyed our lunch together. Walking through the crowds, I really enjoyed it, but I think.. not for him. I walked straight and he kept on calling me. "Hey! wait for me!! where are you?". Well honestly, I was annoyed, but .. felt so different? I should say.. maybe.. I felt as if it's like a date?
Once he grabbed my hand and pushed me back, "please take care of me here. crowds is not my friend, is it okay?" . And so I nodded and walked together with him all the way.

These things kept on happening for several days, until it was my last day in the city, we became so close together. And I felt as if he's my guy, but how can I expect.. He never say it at all to me. I felt hurt, we are going to go our own way soon enough, but seems like nothing will happen at all. I decided to go by myself on my last day, it was empty, so empty compared to the other day. I decided to walk to the amusement park, Victoria Garden.. He told me that out of new york's business and crowds, you still have a quite fun place to entertain you, the park. I played by myself, and cried quite a bit, I did not know that his vacation I will meet someone I can fall in love with, and once with someone who can cause me sorrow. I got some cotton candy, and when I turned back, he jumped through a ride and again shocked me. I closed my face with the cotton candy, but too late to do it, "hiding, huh?", he approached me and again grabbed my hand ,"let's play! It's a dreamworld here!" . He dragged me to a boat ride and it was fun.

Suddenly I saw his friends came there, and.. looked at us. I can see one girl there looking not so happy on me. "How can you do that to me?", she shouted it at him. I did not know her, I bet she is not one of my high school friends.  We went down from the ride and talked. "You don't know how I feel as your girl?? Do you even consider me when you walk together with her?",she said that to him and marked another disappointment for me. This eyes can't hold the tears and so it dropped, I did not want them to see how I feel to him , neither this issue. I turned my back and walked, "sorry for you all. maybe I've distracted your vacations. I did not mean it. But please excuse me". I did not see others' expression. But I just knew that the tears kept on coming through my cheeks.

And I know, that maybe times square will be the only place I can hide, crowds can make me feel better. I sat down on the stairs and watched around all the pictures and videos. Hoping that he won't find it. Someone came! and it's not him?? It's Charissa, my friend.
"Do you love him?", she suddenly asked that question on me. I did nothing except raising my shoulder. "Do you trust him?", on this question I can't stand it and shouted, "how can I trust him? I don't know him well!!". He suddenly came, "how can I trust you? how can I trust my feeling too? A stranger just came and fly around in my heart every single second. How can you not trust me, when I'm now very sure that I am in love with you?". I was so shocked, "You are mad!". I decided to walked back and think How can he said that when he had a girlfriend already? This people is crazy. It was nearly the time of my flight anyway, so I packed my stuffs and headed to the airport.

I waited for my flight, and cried the whole time. A guy, running, it was him! So I closed my face, but ... can't. He again found me. "Don't cry, If you don't trust me, how can I trust myself?". I shouted it out,"You made my heartache. You took my love while you also take another person's, can you respect my feeling? You are mad! You are ..." *has no word to describe.
"So it's her? So you think I'm that kind of guy? Please don't put any concern on her! She's not my girlfriend whatsoever!"
That information made me raised my head, "what?", he explained to me, "even though you're a stranger for me, she is even more. She's just one of our friend that adores me ?? hmm.. I mean.. I have no one in my life now. And only you can fill it."
I smiled and "how can I trust you?", he answered, "I can find you everywhere you are, even in crowds, how can you not trust me, stranger?" .

It was the nicest day I have during the vacation, but unfortunately I have to go back to Denver.While he went back to Miami, where he live during his studies. Our date might stop there, but we still communicate and virtually date through lots of medias. Still he's my stranger, but that's the reason I trust him.


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